Welcome to our spoof website for parachuting cats, created by 1 Website Designer.

If you're here for some cat jokes and parodies about flying and parachuting cats, please click one of the buttons above.

If you're interested in having a professional and affordable website created, that appears very high with search engines, read on.

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer a fully inclusive website design service - i.e. 1 price covers everything you need to buy the .com, host it (store it so it is accessible online), create it, optimise it for search engines, so it appears on the first page with Google and Yahoo, submit it to search engines and promote it by generating other incoming links.

We also offer website design with a Drupal content management system (Drupal CMS), which allows you to edit your own website - adding photos, changing text, creating new pages - with no need to install any extra software on your own computer.

    Our website design process includes :

  • A detailed initial discussion so we're completely clear on what you want.
  • Buying your domain name (e.g. flycatfly.com) and hosting your site is included for free for the first year.
  • Providing advice on choosing keywords that your clients or target audience are likely to search for.
  • Designing the website itself to be attractive, informative, easy to navigate and compatible with different browsers, screen sizes, etc.
  • Creating a unique logo and / or banner for your site, plus background images.
  • Optimizing your site for search engines by including metatags (a title, description and key words) on every page that fit with your chosen key words, plus analysing numerous aspects on each page and comparing them to the top 10 results for your keywords - links within the site, text on the home page, words in bold, words in the title, etc. etc.
  • Submitting the site to the major search engines.
  • For images: resizing them to the appropriate size and if necessary converting them to JPEGs, having a close-up if requested whenever an image is clicked and adding ALT tags which mean the image will appear higher for image search results.
  • Generate at least 5 incoming links using good keywords. This will generate visitors in itself and each link counts as a 'vote of confidence' to Google, Yahoo and the like.

       For more information, please visit