This is a humourous example of 1 Web Designer's web design process that we undertook when creating the Fly Cat Fly website - a website for a specialist sports outlet for Parachuting Cats.

Planning your website

1. Planning
Discussing the site with you to gain a precise understanding of your requirements.

This includes designing the overall theme (look and feel) of the site, navigation options and choosing a domain name.

First we'd suggest available domain names - perhaps, or

We'd ask questions like 'Do you just cater for cats, or are other pets welcome? What is the aim of your site? Do you offer other cat sports?

2. Keywords
Discussing what people might enter into the search bar of their preferred search engine to find your website. We then check how often people have searched for each word or phrase and generate new phrases. For the whole of the website design process from this point forwards we keep at the forefront of our minds these keywords and include them where search engines can find them.

For our Parachuting Cats website keywords fall into 3 categoies:

parachuting, sky diving, bungee jumping ...

cat, pet, feline, animal ...

Aude, Languedoc, France, ...

We then combine these into phrases, such as:

'Cat sky diving in France'
'Pet parachuting Aude'

Website design

3. Web Design
Designing the pages themselves, inserting navigation, etc. We can also create logos and illustrations for you, as well as text.  We ensure your site looks attractive and fits your target audience.

This is where we turn your vision into a reality.

Please see sample site designs to view a range of business sites.

 Web Hosting  4. Web Hosting
We include 5 years free hosting with every new site. 
The hosting includes a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 support and is environmentally friendly.
Reliable hosting ensures that all your feline friends will find your site up and active when they visit to pursue their favourite sport!
Search Engine Optimization

5. SEO
Creating meta tags which search engines use to give you your page rank. Comparing these to the top 10 websites that appear for searches in Google in order to optimise them. Refining text to help your site appear with search engines.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a core part of the whole process and effects how the site is navigated, the content on the home page, titles, etc.

We now review how effective the SEO is for the core keywords we identified earlier in the process.  This can include French SEO.

Search engine submission

6. Search Engine Submission
We will submit your site to over 40 search engines and directories (more for bilingual sites). This includes all the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc.

We submit your site to search engines with a range of Titles and Descriptions, e.g. Fly Cat Fly - Feline Parachuting.
Link building

7. Link Building
Generating other links to your site is an essential part of SEO (Google and other search engines see each link as a 'vote of confidence' with each quality link boosting your site higher in the search results). We can generate high quality reciprocal and one way links to your site from other relevant websites and by article submissions and directory submissions.

Link building 2

 For the link building campaign of, we generated links from a range of other extreme cat sport websites.

8. Ongoing Promotion
For large sites we would also recommend our Ongoing Promotion package.
We can continue to generate new links for you each month and ensure that when Google or other search engines change their algorithms, your website always appears on the first page, like this site does for 'cat parachuting'.  Other sites we've created appear 1st for searches like 'van man London' and 'Ireland Oceanographer'.